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NO CHAOS Inc. is a Christian based 501C(3) nonprofit organization that is 100% tax deductible and focuses on opening doors that transforms the lives of impoverished, underprivileged, minority teens and young adults throughout Western Pennsylvania aiding in the prevention of gun violence while developing job skills needed to assist in rebuilding their community. In addition, we thrive to have our voices heard regarding racial injustice and police brutality. We operate off of Christian principles to educate and inform everyone about the unconditional love God bestows on each of us while encouraging everyone to come together as a whole to make better life decisions and support equality.


The mission of the program is to engage disadvantaged young people in skill development, high school equivalency education, and community service through construction of low-income housing. In addition, the program will eventually offer a safe haven for those who are without housing at a free or reduced rate.


The vision of NO CHAOS Inc. is to become a foundational resource to teens and young adults who are hopeless, living in despair and wanting a way out of their demise. We thrive to empower the lives of those by creating training and employment programs to advance the lives of participants while becoming productive citizens in their communities.

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